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bdo shai pve

S Tier. This skill can only be used from your quickslot/hotbar. However, she can be useful as a support class in small scale and large scale PVP. Sycraia Grinding Tier List 05/07/2020. It is perfectly fine for grinding lower tier spots and works well in large scale PVP. save. report. This skill is one of your healing skills. Offin Tett can be good when you reach certain AP brackets and if your class doesn’t depend on accuracy as much as others, but if you’re unsure whether you should be using this weapon or not, it’s much safer to just use Kzarka. Shai are imba. Powerful single target PVE, but lacking in widespread AOE and range. This skill does not do any damage. You can also use any other green grade helmet. It’s also very important to note that this skill can be used during some awakening skills whilst you are channelling (such as Shout to the Sky) and you will continue to play the song automatically when you finish dashing. The best weapons in the game are currently dropped from World Bosses.For more information on this click here to view our World Bosses guide. This offhand is currently considered best in slot for PVP as well because of the higher DP, since Shai currently has reduced damage in PVP. Don't listen to these jaded bittervet idiots. The skill also has super armor on it whilst you are playing the instrument and will deal some damage. It makes a perfect backup for enhancing and is essentially a free TRI Ring of Crescent Guardian. You also get a movement speed buff when using it and there is no collision whilst moving. This skill gives Gathering EXP +1% each time you level it up. The skill recovers MP per every good hit and is automatically taken when you level up. Pre-Awakening skill build – Level 55 (449 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/91871PVX Awakening skill build – Level 60 (869 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/93936. This skill has 100% Accuracy Rate and will inflict a stun on good hits for a maxium of 10 targets. This skill has super armor and will also debuff your enemies hit with an All DP -10% debuff for 10 seconds. PvE Levelling / Easy Tier List 14/07/2020. This skill is your burst heal skill. level 1. Their main hand is a Florang, which is a boomerang, and their offhand is a lantern called a Vitclari. Shai are imba. This skill is a strong heal for yourself and up to 10 allies. The skil will also knock targets off their mount. It must be crafted using items in Star’s End and then following a questline. Keys separated by a “>” symbol show the order you should follow out the steps. Unlike other classes, Shai does not have a dandelion weapon and cannot open awakening boxes. I have only 90 memo frags and 150 000 000 silver for the whole family. Below are accessories for AP (PVE) builds. This skill is a small dash and can be used in any direction using [SHIFT] and a directional key. The skill is useful if you are using your shai as a lifeskill character. She is good at fighting in pve but she is sure as not faster than lahn, mystic, striker, witch/wizard, etc. This skill gives an All Debuff Resistance +10% for 20 seconds for yourself and up to 10 allies.The skill has a cooldown of 1 minute. The Shai class is completely unique class in BDO and is the only full support class. If you do already have liverto and have already invested into it, you will want to upgrade it to PRI or higher as soon as possible. Kutum is currently preferred for the extra DP.Awakening Weapons: Unlike other classes, Shai does not have a dandelion weapon and cannot open awakening boxes. Life Skill Bonuses: Increased LT when leveling up and starts with Gathering & Alchemy at Professional 1. Keys separated by a “+” symbol should be used at the same time. .tg .tg-yzt1{background-color:#efefef;vertical-align:top} If you do already have liverto and have already invested into it, you will want to upgrade it to PRI or higher as soon as possible. 1 year ago More than 1 child. It has floating on good hits and also recovers some mana. Use items from the hybrid builds and slowly transition to full DP.Click image to view larger. You can move your character while channelling the skill. 11 comments. You also have super armor while using the skill. I understand now that Shai stack DP/Evasion and are also meant for doing this. This skill is another mobility/dodge skill. for targetCasting Speed -10% for 7 sec. Star’s End Grinding Tier List 03/07/2020. for self. There is a 3 second cooldown on this skill which cannot be ignored. Node War (Small) Tier List 12/07/2020. Shai PVE Damage. Aakman Grinding Tier List 02/07/2020. Recent Supporters: Giath’s Helmet (helmet) alternative choice – dropped from Giath. I love my little Shai cuz it's a hell of a fun class to play, but I have no idea how to gear it. This skill requires you to have collected 3 leaves to use. The only way to recieve another Artina Sol is to compelete the Talent quests on a fresh Shai character, so you will need to use memory fragments to repair this item.Armor: The best armor in the game is currently dropped from Bosses. Keys in square brackets [] mean that you tap the key. for 9 sec. Liverto is the fourth strongest mainhand and much easier to obtain and enhance than Kzarka. If available I recommend using the Asula’s Crimon Eye Belt (Asula Set) if you are new to the game, this gives you 6 AP and has amazing set bonuses.

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