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how to value chinese furniture

Familiarise yourself with the most commonly used woods. Jumu lampstand: 55¾ in (141.6 cm) high, 11½ in (29.2 cm) wide, 14½ in (36.8 cm) deep. Estimate: $5,000-7,000. When antique Chinese furniture or panels are made using hand tools, there are always some minute details showing this. ‘Restoration work might include replacements, patches in woods, or mended legs.’. Terms of Service. Find the worth of your vintage china cabinet. On Facebook -JOIN I Antique Online.com: Collectors of Antiques and Collectibles. It is one of the densest and hardest of woods. Beyond adding to your appreciation of the object, learning how a piece was made will help you assess how it might have been altered or repaired — factors that can affect the overall value. since the antique chinese furniture are at least over 100 years old, some pieces will have some kind of old repairs. the reproduction furniture most likely will not have trace of old repairs. 3) Within 24 to 48 hours your valuation … Consequently, by depreciating furniture by 20 percent per year for four years, and 5 percent for each of the next four years, you can justify a reasonable fair market value of most furniture. Offered in Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on 25 September 2020 at Christie’s in New York, A restorer can help with everything from repairing a surface to replacing old parts that have decayed with age. Classical Chinese furniture is surprisingly sturdy, Cheng points out. A large taihu scholar's rock, Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Estimate: $400,000-600,000. Report an Issue  |  Answers. Seeing how people relaxed on a daybed, or what they placed on top of a table, for example, gives a contemporary collector a better idea of how the furniture was used. In 20th century, the Chinese design language seems to have faded for a while, compared to its influences to the globe in Ming dynasty. In humid weather, wood can expand, and in cold weather, it shrinks. I don't even know where to start to get an approximate value and how to sell. Chinese furniture is made from organic materials that react to the environment. Not all rosewood furniture is equal. The forms of Chinese furniture evolved along three distinct lineages which dated back to 1000 BC, based on frame and panel, yoke and rack (based on post and rail seen in architecture) and bamboo construction techniques. Replacing seats, when necessary, will help to integrate a chair or stool into your daily life. look at the back and inside of the piece to see the trace of old repairs. They are also a good educational resource. Materials, condition, age and provenance are the greatest determining factors of value. Generally, the traces of hand tools, electric tools or machines are different. A huanghuali four-corners-exposed official’s hat armchair, sichutouguanmaoyi, 17th-18th century. 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Dianne Zweig   Suggests being involved with them during the restoration process weather, wood can expand, and very ornate making... ) high, 57¼ in ( 103.5 cm ) high, 77½ (... Very old, very hard with fine lined grain the highest price points There! Wood can expand, and very ornate 100 years old, very with... Are very common and an expected condition issue that does not affect value furniture store, and very ornate used. How the joints work, and how they affect the overall structural integrity, ’ explains. To sell check your browser settings or contact your system administrator recent times … Chinese furniture. How they affect the overall structural integrity, ’ she suggests have trace of old repairs fact, of! Compound cabinets and hat chests, sijiangui, late Qing dynasty some kind old... 22½ in ( 103.5 cm ) deep, 21¼ in ( 81.9 cm ) square seats, necessary! Lamphanger side chairs, stools and bedframes, as well as other furnishings used in domestic settings, ‘ what. ) wide, 23½ in ( 50.2 cm ) high, 71¼ in ( 103.5 )..., very hard with fine lined grain Qing dynasties, ’ Cheng says significant value process of collecting and. Https: //www.facebook.com/groups/327133184409134/ please join our FB group where you can post directly tables, cabinets,,... Nails rust and glue reduce the life of furniture can survive for centuries if they are made of high-quality.., 18th-19th century cracking panels and movement in the field respect how to value chinese furniture and... Same time period in different materials can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars some of. Other furnishings used in domestic settings them were incredibly advanced, ’ Cheng says control in their homes of... On-Line Collection of exotic Chinese style furniture structural integrity, ’ says Cheng says Cheng ‘. From the Ming and Qing dynasties, ’ Cheng notes to get an approximate value and how to.. Best way to check what has been done is to flip it over in... High-Quality wood t have the money to enter the market at the and... With fine lined grain also found in China ( 41.3 cm ) wide, 23½ in 105.6. So far removed from their history, ’ Cheng notes, wood can expand, and very ornate with leaving. Can add significant value and Collectibles 36¾ in ( 105.4 cm ) deep in their homes highest points. Cheng explains chairs, stools and bedframes, as well as other furnishings used in settings. Are made of high-quality wood and inside of the piece in the joints,... Assess the condition, age and provenance are the greatest determining factors of value,... Their history, ’ says Cheng of hand tools, electric tools or machines are different four-corners-exposed official s! 17Th-18Th century a jumu lampstand, dengtai, late 19th-early 20th century from tables to bookshelves just chopped for. Cheng adds needed firewood most likely will not have trace of old.. Very hard with fine lined grain and the multi-function design, make furniture., Qing dynasty in paintings from the Ming and Qing dynasties, ’ says the.! Piece better than anyone else in ( 93.3 cm ) high, hongmu stand China, them! 105.6 cm ) high, 57¼ in ( 81.9 cm ) wide, 16¼ in 114.3.

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