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kala vs lanikai

Have fun, CowUkeA. Lanikai Vs Kala. Lv 4. August 27, 2020 | Posted in: tech and how to. Kala, Mahalo, Magic Fluke, Pono, Luna, Lanikai, Martin and Kanilea and many more were all considered for this list. 1 Kala Ka-B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele. Still have questions? Lanikai and Kala are pretty popular ukuleles. Source(s): https://owly.im/a8tg5. Several make a quality product without a gigantic price tag, a few have a good mid-range selection, and for those of you who want to spend a little extra … There have been thousands of 'Lanikai vs Kala' threads its not funny. Hi folks! 5 years ago. Solid Wood Vs Laminate Ukuleles. Anonymous. ... 9 Lanikai Ukulele. 0 0. leatherwood. ... At Kala we consider a lot of variables when designing our products and we hope the quality reflects that so you can feel good about … Get your answers by asking now. I'm about to buy my first uke. However that being said, if you get lucky you will get a killer sounding and looking uke. 0 0. 4 years ago. Lanikai is a company from Hawaii and is well-known in the ukulele world for building quality instruments. I've read up and learned that the decent quality decent prices starter options are the lanikai lu-21 and the kala ka-s.From what I've read, the kala seems to be the better option: it is build from (laminated) mahogny wood and is fitted with the Aquila strings, while the lanikai has the inferior nato wood and poorer strings. And, if you’re looking to buy a mid-range ukulele, you can’t really go wrong with Kala. 0 0. Both are China brands and prone to inconsistency. Phone around and find out so you can strum one before buying. 2. - Daniel Facebook Twitter My Uke Videos! Source(s): Ukulele instructor. Solid Wood versus Laminate. This is part of Kala’s Satin Mahogany series of ukulele’s.

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