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maytag refrigerator main control board wpw10312695

The return policy serves if the part is defective. Answer Mary, based on your model number, you will need part number WPW10312695, this is for the main control board located in the back. All rights reserved. Control Board Repair Kit for W10312695 WPW10312695 AP4695631 PS3418353 Whirlpool. 7MI2569VEM4 MFI2067AES10 MFI2067AES11 MFI2067AES7 MFI2067AES8 MFI2067AES9 MFI2269DRE00 MFI2269DRE01 MFI2269DRH00 MFI2269DRH01 MFI2269DRM00 MFI2269DRM01 MFI2269FRB00 MFI2269FRE00 MFI2269FRE01 MFI2269FRH00 MFI2269FRH01 MFI2269FRW00 MFI2269FRZ00 MFI2269FRZ01, MFI2269FRZ02 MFI2269FRZ03 MFI2269VEB3 MFI2269VEB4 MFI2269VEB6 MFI2269VEB7 MFI2269VEB8 MFI2269VEB9 MFI2269VEM11 MFI2269VEM4 MFI2269VEM5 MFI2269VEM7 MFI2269VEM9 MFI2269VEQ2 MFI2269VEQ3 MFI2269VEQ5 MFI2269VEQ7 MFI2269VEQ8 MFI2269VEW2 MFI2269VEW3, MFI2269VEW5 MFI2269VEW7 MFI2269VEW8 MFI2569VEA2 MFI2569VEB3 MFI2569VEB4 MFI2569VEM4 MFI2569VEQ2 MFI2569VEW2 MFI2569YEB0 MFI2569YEB1 MFI2569YEB2 MFI2569YEM0 MFI2569YEM1 MFI2569YEM2 MFI2569YEW0 MFI2569YEW1 MFI2569YEW2. The electrical parts can not be returned once installed unless it is defective by manufacturer. Check your model, find the right part, and compare lowest prices here! We do test all the boards upon receipt, and if the board is not found defective, it is subject to a 50% deduction or deny of any credit. Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power is off and unplug the refrigerator before installing this part. $207.83. Be the first to review “NEW W10312695 Control Board AP6019287 W10312695B WPW10312695 for Whirlpool Maytag Refrigerator”, Copyright © 2009-2017 | Appliancepartsfinder.com . Read more product details of the Maytag Control Board WPW10312695. Under these terms, as stated on the board, if you are sure the board is your issue, you should proceed. Watch this video, created by AppliancePartsPros. GE WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main Control Board 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,449. Return Policy for Electronic Boards. View shipping information, customer service details, return & warranty policy, and compare lowest prices on eBay here. Created by. Maytag MFI2269VEA1 Refrigerator Main Control Board, Whirlpool GC3PHEXNB01 Refrigerator PCB Control Board, Amana AFI2538AES7 Electronic Control Board, Maytag MTW6700TQ0 Washer Motor Control Board, Whirlpool WPW10245284 Refrigerator Control Board Replacement Part, Amana AFI2538AEQ12 Refrigerator HV High Voltage Control Board, Kenmore 59678333801 Refrigerator Main Control Board, KSSS42QTX03 Refrigerator Electronic Main Control Board, Kenmore 11028032701 Washer PCB Control Board, Maytag Refrigerator Control Board WPW10503278, GENUINE Whirlpool WFW9400SW02 Washer Door Seal Gasket, New Frigidaire Range Cooking Door Handle 316558201, KSSO42FTX02 Refrigerator Freezer Electronic Control Board, GENUINE Whirlpool GHW9400PW0 Washer Door Boot Seal, GE Refrigerator Control Board Repair Service WR55X10383, KBRC36FTS03 Refrigerator Main Control Board, Crosley CRTE187ES5 Refrigerator Crisper Pan, electronic control boards for dishwashers, KitchenAid Refrigerator Main Control Board WPW10312695, Whirlpool Refrigerator Electronic Control Board WPW10312695, Whirlpool WP2306086 Refrigerator Circuit Board Replacement Part, Whirlpool W10893917 Refrigerator Main Control Board Replacement Part, Whirlpool W11035836 Fridge Circuit Board Replacement Part, Whirlpool WPW10589838 Refrigerator Control Board. SKU: W10312695 Categories: Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Refrigerator, Whirlpool, Shop All. Please double-check 4 digit code before purchasing the board. NEW ORIGINAL Whirlpool Refrigerator Main Control Board -WPW10312695 or W10312695. This electronic control board (part number WPW10312695) is for refrigerators. If your fridge is too warm or too cold, then replacing the main control board could solve the problem. Free shipping . This is a new home appliance replacement part, Maytag Refrigerator Control Board WPW10312695. This part fits Maytag fridges listed below. Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power is off and unplug the refrigerator … All electronic boards go thru a heavy testing process. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to replace the High Voltage Control Board on a refrigerator. As well as the Maytag Refrigerator Control Board WPW10312695, you can find more parts for other appliances, including control boards for washers, dryer main control boards, electronic control boards for dishwashers, ice maker parts, and freezer replacement parts.

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