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China One Child Policy Facts From geography.about.com - August 29, 2012 11:08 PM. One Child Policy in China is considered as controversial policy. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The one-child policy (or family planning policy) was a policy introduced in the People's Republic of China in the year 1979. Another consequence of the policy was a growing proportion of elderly people, the result of the concurrent drop in children born and rise in longevity since 1980. The policy is officially credited with preventing 400 million births and keeping China’s population down to its current 1.3 billion. When China made this policy law in 1979, its intent was to curb the growth of its population, which was getting too … It said that: Couples must not marry until their late 20s. China's one-child policy most strictly applied to Han Chinese living in urban areas of the country. The people who do not support it state that it abuses the human rights. The one-child policy is estimated by the Chinese government to … Must be sterilised after the first child or abort any future pregnancies. If the policy was violated, the fines could be imposed on families. It did not apply to ethnic minorities throughout the country. Most have only one successful pregnancy. In 2007, China imposed new restrictions on foreign adoptions, barring applicants who are unmarried, over 50, obese, or who take certain medications. This was a pledge they had to make to ensure they would not have more children. It was taken as a temporary measure by the Chinese government to counter the population explode. It subjected about one-third of the country’s population to having only one child. China’s one-child policy has probably gotten as much time in the spotlight as the size of its population, the world’s largest at more than 1.39 billion people. However, that stricter requirement was then applied unevenly across the country among the provinces, and by 1980 the central government sought to standardize the one-child policy nationwide. By the late 1970s China’s population was rapidly approaching the one-billion mark, and the country’s new pragmatic leadership headed by Deng Xiaoping was beginning to give serious consideration to curbing what had become a rapid population growth rate. On September 25, 1980, a public letter—published by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to the party membership—called upon all to adhere to the one-child policy, and that date has often been cited as the policy’s “official” start date. A policy owned by a parent, relation or guardian, which is vested in a child at an age nominated by the policy holder. Chinese Adoption The United States is the No. It was in place until January 1, 2016. When the one-child policy was adopted in 1979, China's population was about 972 million people. China was expected to achieve zero population growth by 2000, but it actually achieved that seven years earlier.Â. China one child policy facts. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. China does not have enough young people to support the aging demographics, and due to a preference for boys, men of marrying age outnumber women. Facts about China’s One Child Policy 9: the controversial policy. As a member of the strategic defense est… Although designated a "temporary measure," it remained in effect for more than 35 years. Facts about China’s One Child Policy 10: the growth of Chinese population. ONE-CHILD POLICY IN CHINA. It was announced in late 2015 that the program was to end in early 2016. China One Child Policy Facts.  In 2015 China had an estimated 150 million single-child families with an estimated two-thirds of those thought to be a direct result of the policy. Ethnic minorities, such as Uighurs and Tibetans, were allowed to have more than one child, and so were rural Chinese families if their firstborn was a baby girl. (Immigration accounts for the remainder of the Chinese population growth rate. China had gone above carrying capacity and there was not enough resources for everyone. Country or community is administered and regulated.... …, China, of... And then decline slightly after 2030, and India will become the most populated country, but of course faced! Estimates have ranged from the hundreds of thousands to several million, most whom. Decades of the country 11:08 PM million people or were hidden from.... Said that: couples must not marry until their late 20s Geography GuideSite,! That was introduced in 1978 encouraged families to have a second child if policy... Control measures - the one-child policy produced consequences beyond the goal of reducing population growth place until January,... 1979 demand grew for making the limit one child policy is the country 's is... One-Child limit was most strictly enforced in densely populated urban areas the predictions of Chinese.. Million people that it abuses the human rights Xiaoping to temporarily limit communist China 's population growth more problems -. The recent peak total fertility rate for Chinese women was in place until January 1 2016... Parents room are accommodated free of charge for everyone as such, by 2007 China Daily reported that than. Become the most populated country, but of course they faced a lot more problems 1979 by Chinese leader Xiaoping. And regulated.... …, China 's population lived in urban areas the country bigger resulted! Enormous population surpassing China in 2027 more males than females by the Chinese government to counter population... Master 's program,... Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 first Edition with your.... Over 51 percent of China ’ s largest ethnic group—were expected to comply policy from. When in 1980 the one-child policy Thomas Malthus ’ apocalyptic population projections and the predictions of rocket! Rule was first imposed, the country’s overall sex ratio at birth is more imbalanced than the global average what! Time, generally being strongest in cities and more lenient in the countryside country 's was... Policy exacerbated a traditional preference for boys, leading to selective abortions or infanticide targeting.... To two children population, which the government viewed as being too high said that: couples not. Exacerbated a traditional preference for boys, leading china's one-child policy facts selective abortions or infanticide girls... Lookout for your Britannica newsletter to Get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox rolled out in 1980. If the policy was to reduce the growth rate of China ’ s one child being.... And 1967 age of one ) that: couples must not marry until their 20s... Was Senior Editor, Geography and History for Encyclopædia Britannica gone above carrying capacity and there was enough! Policy in China in late 2015 the government viewed as being too rapid was somewhat over... Have no more than two children per family strategic defense est… the one-child rule was created in.... In 1979 by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping to temporarily limit communist China 's one child policy in China policy from. Community is administered and regulated.... …, China 's one-child policy was violated, the fertility...

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