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refined olive pomace oil and extra virgin olive oil

It has a free acidity of no more than 1.0 grams per 100 grams, a median of defects equal or less than 2.5, and its other characteristics correspond to those fixed for this grade in the standard. Refined oils typically are blended with a small portion of extra virgin olive oil to provide some flavor, aroma and color.“Extra virgin olive oil is essentially the naturally extracted juice from fresh olives. Over 50% of the oil produced in the Mediterranean area is of such poor quality that it must be refined to produce an edible product. Pomace olive oil is as good as that jar of extra virgin olive oil gracing the aisle at the supermarket. This oil consists of a blend of refined olive-pomace oil and natural olive oils fit for human consumption. Now, on to the pros! Its free acidity expressed as oleic acid is at most 0.3 per 100 g 2 Pomace olive oil is refined, mainly the residue, which remains after the oil of the olives is pressed. Refined olive oil is obtained from virgin olive oil by refining techniques which do not lead to changes in the initial glyceride structure. It is comparatively low grade and is cheaper than the other varieties of olive oil, but that does not mean that it is not good! Refined oils like Pure Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil miss out on these health benefits exclusive to first, cold pressed oil. The Pros Of Olive Pomace Oil This oil is obtained by refining virgin olive oils (not olive-pomace oils) that have a high acidity level and/or organoleptic defects that are eliminated after refining. Other health benefits are exclusive to Extra Virgin Olive Oil only, like the cancer-fighting polyphenols found in varying levels in fresh EVOO.

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