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role of local government in tourism

Parliament TV: Tourism; Inquiry: Tourism; Culture, Media and Sport Committee; Witnesses. LOCAL GOVERNMENT`S ROLE IN THE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT OF A DESTINATION @article{Brokaj2014LOCALGR, title={LOCAL GOVERNMENT`S ROLE IN THE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT OF A DESTINATION}, author={Rezarta Brokaj}, journal={European Scientific Journal, ESJ}, year={2014}, volume={10} } Tuesday 27 January 2015, Wilson Room, Portcullis House. Uphold the well being of the community (Young, Ernst how and why should local government promote tourism 1995 pg 8). The role of local government management of tourism 111 1 Introduction Tourism is an activity of strategic importance in most countries’ economic, social and environmental circumstances (Henriques, 2003). Below is a report on the report on the conference deliberations . Corpus ID: 55732331. Whilst the remit of local government continues to expand, it is noteworthy that economic development is not necessarily perceived as a ‘general function’. Culture, Media and Sport holds the penultimate evidence session of its tourism inquiry. Which are the local government roles and responsibilities in tourism management towards sustainability? This can lead to long term market failure. The role of local government in promoting tourism 22 January 2015. The purpose of the 2013 Local Government Tourism Conference was to provide a platform for dialogue between public and private sector stakeholders and leadership to share information on challenges and tourism development at local government. As with other industries, it is often seen as a tool for development, at both national and regional levels (Jackson, 2008). The Forum, which takes place four times a year in global centers around the world to bring together world tourism leaders and industry representatives, pays particular attention to the relationship between local and global tourism trends, as well as strategies for more sustainable tourism growth. 2013 Local Government Tourism Conference Report Enquiries: Project manager Mr … 4.2 New, Industry-Led Local Tourism Bodies 21 4.2.1 Local Decision Making 21 4.2.2 Giving Tourism Bodies Responsibility For Both Marketing And Management 23 4.2.3 Getting Governance Right 24 4.2.4 Ensuring Financial Sustainability 24 4.3 VisitEngland: Helping Local Tourism Bodies Fulfil Their Potential 25 2 Government Tourism Policy Among the issues covered is the role of local government in promoting tourism. Without the role of local government, communities are extremely vulnerable to failure as no authority is available to provide guidance for the correct distribution of resources in development. First, the research aims to investigate the issues that local governments face in tourism management and the practices and approaches that have been adopted to address these issues. The varied roles of local government: key considerations and challenges Local governments are a diverse sector and councils differ in the wide range of services they provide.

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